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Great adventures with the Dragon Ball Super Card Game. The Fusion World Booster Box! It's like a treasure chest full of awesome surprises, and you can find it right here at Rare Candy Collectables. Open the Fusion World Booster Box to find some seriously fun booster packs. Each one offers cards that will level up your deck. Hang Out with Your Favourite Characters: They're all here, and you can collect and battle with them. Say hello to legendary Saiyans and some seriously tough villains!

Get ready for some seriously strategic gameplay. The Fusion World set shakes things up with new tricks and combos, making your battles more exciting than ever.

At Rare Candy Collectables, we're all about awesome and genuine collectibles. Our Fusion World Booster Box is no exception. It's your ticket to more fun in the Dragon Ball Super Card Game. Ready to kick off your Fusion World journey? Grab your Booster Box today and let the Dragon Ball magic begin.