Pre-Order Policy

Please read the terms set out for pre-ordering Pokemon or other related product on Rare Candy Collectables website carefully.

We offer the option for customers who wish to place an order with us before the Official Release Date (ORD) of Pokemon or other related product, to have it shipped ready on the day of release. This includes booster boxes opened live on stream.

Orders that are subject to be opened live, may from time to time, be opened ahead of ORD. However, please be aware that we will in no circumstances send such product to you before the ORD (this includes Online TCG Codes). We may commence opening orders beforehand if we receive stock early to prepare ahead of schedule. This will assist us in ensuring that all orders, including those that are scheduled to be opened before, during and after release date are sent as soon as possible.


  • Listings that are titled “PRE-ORDER” are subject to this policy
  • All “PRE-ORDER” orders must be completed at checkout (complete payment)
  • Orders that comprise of “PRE-ORDER” and “in stock” will be held and sent together when the order has been fulfilled
  • To avoid waiting for “in stock” items with “PRE-ORDER” items, please order them separately.
  • PRE-ORDER” stock subject to change at the suppliers discretion – we do not have direct control
  • ORD is an estimate date of release – subject to change
  • In the event where a “PRE-ORDER” cannot be fulfilled on our behalf, a full refund will be provided and designated to the original method of payment (i.e. Paypal/Debit Card/Credit Card)
  • Cancelling a “PRE-ORDER” and issuance of a full refund will be available 7 business days before ORD
  • Email notification or shipping information (i.e. eParcel tracking number) will be provided when your order has been sent

Feel free to send us a message for more information regarding “PRE-ORDER