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What is a pre-order?

A pre-order allows customers to place an order for an item that is not yet released. Our pre-order system does not require an upfront payment or deposit to process a pre-order. Keep in mind pre-orders are subject to product availability, and we cannot guarantee that we can always fulfil pre-orders. 

Can I pre-order multiple items?

Yes, you can as long as the items you want to order are within the same estimated release month. For example, product A has an estimated release date for 5 May 2021, and product b has a date for 27 May 2021.

You may need to make more than one pre-order for different product releases.

Can I order pre-order and in stock items together?

No, you must make separate orders. This prevents any delays with shipping goods that are readily available. 


How do I know my pre-order will be fulfilled? 

Orders are invoiced by date received. 

When a customer receives an invoice requesting to pay for an order within 3 days of notice, that confirms we have allocated product to complete your order (this is a separate email to your pre-order confirmation). An invoice is typically sent 2-3 weeks before the products official release date. This gives us enough time to organise and prepare orders to be shipped on their release date.

Why has a product estimated release date changed?

This may happen when either the manufacture or supplier has experienced delays with providing product on the original intended date. We will endeavour to update pre-order product listings as soon as possible. 

How will I be notified for any changes with my pre-order?

An email and social post will be made for any product changes we may experience. This also applies to when we will start invoicing customers for upcoming product releases.


Can I pay for my pre-order in advance?

No, we do not accept payment in advance for pre-orders.

I’ve received an invoice but don’t know how to pay for my pre-order?

Payment for a pre-order can either be made through your account or by clicking on the ‘Pay Now’ link in the payment request email. When you have completed either action, you will be directed to checkout with your pre-order details. The available payment methods will depend on your location. For example, Australian customers can pay for their pre-order by credit/debit card, PayPal, or any of the buy now pay later options. Payment methods for international customers vary by region. 

I’ve paid for my pre-order, when can I expect it?

An email will be sent to you when we have packed your order, and when it has shipped or when it is ready for local pickup. Keep in mind, we do not guarantee delivery on release.

I haven’t received an invoice for my pre-order, what does that mean?

If the product estimated release date has passed after we have notified customers when invoicing commences, this means that we did not have enough stock allocated on release to fulfil your pre-order.



  • Credit/Debit Card – Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Union Pay, Diners Club, Discover
  • PayPal
  • Afterpay (minimum $20)
  • Payright (minimum $180)

 International (Worldwide)

  • Credit/Debit Card – Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Union Pay, Diners Club, Discover
  • PayPal


I don’t want my pre-order anymore, can I cancel it?

Yes, you may cancel your pre-order at any time before payment by simply going to your account under the pre-order tab. Click ‘Cancel’ for the order you wish to remove. You can do this here.

I’ve paid for my pre-order, can I cancel it?

We do not accept cancellations or refund requests for pre-orders that have been paid. 

What happens to pre-orders that aren’t fulfilled?  

Pre-orders that we have not asked for payment are removed from our system after the product official release date when we do not have enough stock on release. 

My pre-order was cancelled, can I order again?

You may place a new pre-order as long as the product you want is still available. Please take into consideration that a new pre-order does not replace your old order, and may affect your chances of being invoiced on release. Alternatively, if the item you want has pre-sold, you can add it to your wishlist to be notified when the product has been restocked.