What is a pre-order?

A pre-order allows customers to order in advance an item that is not yet released. It is  common practice with ordering trading cards, toys, and other hobby items that may become extremely sought after and difficult to find come release day. Customers who are accustomed to this hobby, will generally pre-order upcoming items to reduce the possibility of missing out on product on release.

We may also offer restocks of popular products as a pre-order to give customers more time to order, as we typically find that these items sell out extremely fast as soon as they arrive at our warehouse. 

Can I pre-order multiple items?

Yes, you can as long as the items you want to order are within the same estimated release month. For example, product A has an estimated release date for 5 May 2021, and product b has a date for 27 May 2021.

You may need to make more than one pre-order for different product releases. Orders that have products with different release dates are only fulfilled when all items in a single order are available. 

Can I order pre-order and in stock items together?

No, you must make separate orders. This prevents any delays with shipping goods that are readily available. 


What is a products estimated release date?

An estimated release date is a date provided by our supplier for when an item not yet available may be in stock. This date is always displayed on pre-order items, and on your order details in your account. 

Why has a product estimated release date changed?

Due to the affects of COVID-19 and ongoing supply issues, it is common for an estimated release date to change. A change in date may happen because a problem has occurred with either the publisher, manufacture, supplier or freight companies that has setback the estimated time of the product being available at its intended date at the time of offering. Any delays we experience, we will endeavour to update our customers within a reasonable amount of time. Product listings and orders are updated automatically as soon as we are notified. 

How will I be notified for any changes with my pre-order?

We may send out an email or make a social post to inform our customers of any delays. For accurate and up to date changes, please refer to the product listing or your order details in your account.  


How do I pay for my pre-order?

Full payment is required at checkout to complete your purchase. Please check that your order details are correct before making payment. When you have completed checkout, an email confirmation will be sent to you, confirming your pre-order, with an estimated dispatch date.

What payment methods do you offer?

You may be able to pay for your pre-order with credit/debit card, PayPal, or any of the buy now pay later that we offer. Keep in mind, payment methods are subject to availability depending on your location and whether a buy now pay later supports pre-orders.


How do I know that you can fulfil my order?

We will only offer new products on our website when we have confirmation of stock availability. In other words, when we have been allocated product from our supplier, we will offer those products to you before their estimated release date.  

In the rare event where our allocation may change, and that your order has been affected, we will notify you within a reasonable amount of time. If we cannot provide you with the products that you have pre-ordered, we may refund or offer store credit on a case-by-case assessment. 

How do I know when my order will be dispatched/ready for pickup?

Orders are dispatched/prepared for collection when all items ordered are available. Please check the last estimated release date for an approximate fulfilment date. For up to date information, refer to the product listing or order details in your account. 


I have multiple pre-ordered items with different release dates within the same month. Can I split my order? 

No, we do not accept split shipments for orders. Orders are only dispatched when all items that you have ordered are available. We recommend that you make multiple orders to avoid delays between different product releases.

Can I combine more than one pre-order into a single order?

No, pre-orders are final and cannot be adjusted or modified. Please consider this carefully before completing your purchase to ensure you have everything you need.  

Can I add or remove products in my order?

We cannot add or remove products in a pre-order once you have completed checkout. Pre-orders are final and cannot be changed. 


I’ve paid for my pre-order and I don’t want it anymore, can I cancel it?

You may cancel your pre-order, however, a 5% cancellation fee of the order total will apply. To cancel your pre-order email: [email protected]