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s4a Shiny Star V – Japan’s 2020 High Class Set!

This year, Pokemon Japan has seen a lot of interest from international collectors. With the launch of s3a Legendary Heartbeat back in July, with an introduction of a new rarity: Amazing Rare (one in every booster box), spiralled into a purchasing frenzy. The new design of a ‘rainbow splash colour’ around the portrait with its sparkling gleam as light is reflected onto the card, appealed to many new and existing collectors of Pokemon (Source: Pokeguardian

S4a Shiny Star V, Japan’s holiday set of 2020, and the ever-evolving variants of all things Charizard, gets its first release of a Shiny VMAX Charizard (pictured). On Friday, 20 November 2020, history will repeat itself, where stores all over Japan will be flooded by a sea of people wanting to get their very own Shiny Star V.

To date, this will be Japan’s largest ever card set with well over 300 cards to complete the set. Players and collectors from all walks of life will be destined to chase not only the Shiny Charizard VMAX but other Shiny Pokemon, such as Lapras, Ditto, Toxtricity and Dragpult. This set will also introduce new alternative art works of Sword & Shield favourites: Zacian & Zamazenta, and a new mirror reverse holo pattern.

If you are looking at purchasing Shiny Star V, there will be three products available on the market. First, booster boxes, followed by the Pokemon Center Nessa Promo Set, and a Shiny V Crobat Collection Box in December. For more information, feel free to click on the link provided (

If you would like to support Rare Candy Collectables and save the hassle of dealing with businesses outside of Australia, such products will be available to PRE-ORDER up until it is released in Japan.

For a video review of Shiny Star V and what to expect, check OkJluv’s YouTube channel as he covers this set in extensive detail, as well as other upcoming Japanese products.

(OKJluv YouTube Video of Shiny V)

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