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Vivid Voltage Order Fulfilment Delayed

Unfortunately we were unable to fulfil everyone’s order for release based on the amount of stock that we were allocated. This mainly effects orders that were made from early October to November.

We do apologise for the lateness of this update; however we are doing the best we can with what we have been given.

Most orders from September have been fulfilled and either been received or currently in transit. We were able to fulfil some orders from October but are waiting on the remainder of our stock to complete pending orders of Vivid Voltage that were set for completion on release.

We have been informed that the rest of our order will be delivered in early December, which is the rest of the Vivid Voltage Booster Boxes, Elite Trainer Boxes, and Build & Battle Boxes.

Please be patient as we endeavour to fulfil pending orders for Vivid Voltage as soon as possible. You will receive shipping confirmation from us when your order has been fulfilled.

If you do not receive shipping confirmation from us within the next couple weeks, please contact us so we can see whether your order is waiting on other items to arrive.


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