Pokémon TCG S5 – Single Strike & Rapid Strike Master (Japanese)

Pokémon TCG S5 – Single Strike & Rapid Strike Master (Japanese)

Release Date (Japan): 22.01.2021

Pokémon Sword & Shield is entering its second year since the game launched in December 2019 on Nintendo Switch. The recent Sword & Shield expansions: The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra, became available to Pokémon trainers in June, providing new and exciting Pokémon. Wushu Pokémon, such as Kubfu and its evolution – Urshifu from the game’s expansion will debut in the trading card game beginning of 2021. To read about the English release of S5 – Single Strike & Rapid Strike Master (SWSH5 Battle Styles), click here.

Trading Card Products

This set will contain 70 cards + secret cards (SR or better).

Booster Boxes


Each Booster Box contains:

  • 30 booster packs
  • 5 trading cards per booster pack

Booster Packs

Each booster pack contains 5 trading cards

Premium Trainer Boxes

Each Premium Trainer Box contains:

  • 1x promo card Single Strike Urshifu V or Rapid Strike Urshifu V
  • 157 trading cards (48 normal and 108 energy cards)
  • Pokémon coin
  • Acrylic damage counter set
  • Premium marker poison/burn
  • Damage counter case
  • 15x Single Strike Master or Rapid Strike Master booster pack
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