Rare Candy Collectables offers its valued customers the opportunity to pre-order product in advance before the official release date. This allows customers to secure exclusive products offered by us. 

At times, we may also offer an incentive to pre-order certain products such as additional reward points and discounted prices. 


An estimated release date will be provided on pre-order products listed on our website. This date is an estimate only that is provided to us at the time of listing and may be subject to change.

We will endeavor to update our customers regularly for products that have experienced an unexpected delay with either production, shipping, or processing times.

Pre-orders are fulfilled in chronological order from the earliest date a customer placed their pre-order based on the availability of stock on any given day.

Handling times for pre-orders vary, including international delivery. We will endeavor to fulfil pre-orders as soon as possible. Please bear in mind we cannot guarantee fulfilment or delivery on a product's estimated release date. 


Pre-order products may be purchased with in stock items or with other pre-order items if they are either a limited product; exclusive; or carry substantially different estimated release dates. Separate orders may be needed to ensure orders are fulfilled and delivered in a timely manner. Customers are responsible to pre-order within their means and expectations when ordering in stock items and pre-order items that release on different dates.     


Please make note of the estimated release date for each product that you pre-order. Orders that have items that release on different days will not be completed until the last item has been released.

In special circumstances, we may offer to ‘split’ pre-orders to ship items that have already been released prior to the completion of your order. An additional shipping fee may also apply. To inquire about your pre-order, complete our contact form here and we'll get back to you within 2 business days. 



In rare occasions we may experience an allocation of certain pre-ordered products or an unexpected delay where stock is delivered to us in waves. Waves generally arrive on and after the estimated release date specified on the product listing.

If a product that you have pre-ordered has either been allocated or delayed, and that your order has been affected, we will notify you by email within a reasonable time.

In some circumstances, we may be able to offer alternative methods to complete your pre-order that would be favourable to you to remedy the situation. For example, an exchange on future product with guaranteed fulfilment, bonus store credit and so on.



Subject to our Terms and Conditions and Returns Policy, store credit may only be provided for cancelling a pre-order because you have changed your mind on an item you have pre-ordered due to an unexpected delay on an estimated release date, found it cheaper elsewhere, have no use for it, and so on.

If a pre-ordered product has been cancelled by the manufacture and/or supplier unexpectedly, a full refund will be provided and issued to your original payment method.

We cannot accept cancellation requests within 7 days of the product release date due to warehouse processing and handling times on pre-orders.

For more information on cancellations please read our Returns Policy.

Last update: 29 August 2022